This chapter relates to the blender plugin called “Godot-Blender-Exporter”, which can be downloaded here: https://github.com/godotengine/godot-blender-exporter

Disabling specific objects

Sometimes you don’t want some objects exported (eg high-res models used for baking). An object will not be exported if it is not rendered in the scene. This can be set in the outliner:


Objects hidden in the viewport will be exported, but will be hidden in the Godot scene.

Build pipeline integration

If you have hundreds of model files, you don’t want your artists to waste time manually exporting their blend files. To combat this, the exporter provides a python function io_scene_godot.export(out_file_path) that can be called to export a file. This allows easy integration with other build systems. An example Makefile and python script that exports all the blends in a directory are present in the Godot-Blender-exporter repository.