Inherits: Reference < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

Access to advanced cryptographic functionalities.


PoolByteArray generate_random_bytes ( int size )
CryptoKey generate_rsa ( int size )
X509Certificate generate_self_signed_certificate ( CryptoKey key, String issuer_name=”CN=myserver,O=myorganisation,C=IT”, String not_before=”20140101000000”, String not_after=”20340101000000” )


The Crypto class allows you to access some more advanced cryptographic functionalities in Godot.

For now, this includes generating cryptographically secure random bytes, and RSA keys and self-signed X509 certificates generation. More functionalities are planned for future releases.

extends Node

var crypto =
var key =
var cert =

func _ready():
    # Generate new RSA key.
    key = crypto.generate_rsa(4096)
    # Generate new self-signed certificate with the given key.
    cert = crypto.generate_self_signed_certificate(key, ",O=My Game Company,C=IT")
    # Save key and certificate in the user folder."user://generated.key")"user://generated.crt")

Method Descriptions

Generates a PoolByteArray of cryptographically secure random bytes with given size.

Generates an RSA CryptoKey that can be used for creating self-signed certificates and passed to StreamPeerSSL.accept_stream.

Generates a self-signed X509Certificate from the given CryptoKey and issuer_name. The certificate validity will be defined by not_before and not_after (first valid date and last valid date). The issuer_name must contain at least “CN=” (common name, i.e. the domain name), “O=” (organization, i.e. your company name), “C=” (country, i.e. 2 lettered ISO-3166 code of the country the organization is based in).

A small example to generate an RSA key and a X509 self-signed certificate.

var crypto =
# Generate 4096 bits RSA key.
var key = crypto.generate_rsa(4096)
# Generate self-signed certificate using the given key.
var cert = crypto.generate_self_signed_certificate(key, ",O=A Game Company,C=IT")