Inherits: ConfirmationDialog < AcceptDialog < WindowDialog < Popup < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Category: Core

Brief Description

The Editor’s popup dialog for creating new Script files.


bool dialog_hide_on_ok O: false
float margin_bottom O: 232.0
float margin_right O: 361.0
Vector2 rect_size O: Vector2( 361, 232 )
String window_title O: “Attach Node Script”


void config ( String inherits, String path, bool built_in_enabled=true )


  • script_created ( Script script )

Emitted when the user clicks the OK button.


The ScriptCreateDialog creates script files according to a given template for a given scripting language. The standard use is to configure its fields prior to calling one of the Popup.popup methods.

func _ready():
    dialog.config("Node", "res://") # For in-engine types
    dialog.config("\"res://\"", "res://") # For script types

Method Descriptions

Prefills required fields to configure the ScriptCreateDialog for use.